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FbLikes help you to increase Facebook Likes on your Post, Picture, Videos, Shares, and other Facebook's post. Fb autolikers is the best facebook auto liker to increase likes on facebook

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If you are using FbLikes.net for the first time Watch video and learn how to use fblikes.net for getting thousands of likes and comments.


How does Autoliker Work?
You are logging into auto liker using access token . We store this access token to communicate with facebook thus allowing us to collect , send , retrive data that are required to give you auto likes

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This feature is under development and will be soon available until that time use token login

Features Of Facebook autolikerhublaa

Fb likes is Facebook autoliker website to Increase Facebook likes , comments . Fb likes is the best auto like increase system for faecbook that care about user experice .

  • Facebook autoliker
  • Photo Auto Like
  • Status Autolike
  • Page's post liker
  • comment liker
  • hublaa
Increase Facebook likes

    List of things on which you can get likes

  • Status
  • photo
  • comments
  • page post

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Instant Auto Like

Our auto like website is totally spam free . we never spam our auto liker users

Anti spam liker

Get instant 300 auto like per submit and UPTO 30,000 Likes on your status, pictures, albums, and other facebook Posts for free using FbLikes.net.

auto like app for android

We have also developed an auto liker app for andriod which helps you to increase facebook likes you can download it here

Privacy and security

Fb Likes protects your data using ssl . All your data is transfered throgh connection . In other ways you are anonymous on our auto liker website

Geo Fb Likes

Fb Likes has users from india , indonesia, united states, peru , morocco, Algeria , Brazil , colombia, pakistan , mexico and from all over the world. You can get auto like from all over the world

Customize Likes

You can select the number of likes that should be send . You can choose this option to make the likes look geniune .

Facebook safe

Our auto liker website is facebook safe using Fb Likes wont cause facebook banning your account . We are the official facebook liker

Buy facebook likes

If you don't know how to use Fb Likes you can buy likes from us which will make you super anonymous on our website . You wont ever have to use FbLikes expect to tell us which post to get likes on

auto like software

We are the only website that has an auto like software for windows , android and ios we help users to get more likes on facebook our ultimate aim is to get you more likes

Trusted Auto Liker

Reason to trust our website

  • We don't store your name , number or anythings that is a personal identification information .
  • We don't track your ip address or your usage of our system .
  • We don't sell your token because our customer are valubale to us .
  • We don't spam using your access token by posting on fb without your permission.

We live to make facebook users happy by providing our service for free that's righ you get free autolikes


Fb Likes Is the best facebook auto liker website which helped our company to grow on social media . Fb Likes is the best auto like increase website for facebook . we are thankfull for their free service .

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